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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Welcome to my new fashion, culinary and fun blog.  I've been inspired lately by the French woman's way of life so I'm hoping to explore more in the way of clothing, life, food and everything else in between.

Why Je Ne Sais Quoi?

Well, online dictionary's say that the phrase means the following:


" something that cannot be adequately described or expressed" 

Well while it may not be able to be adequately expressed I'm sure doing to do my best to try and find it!!! 

That being said I love LOVE clothes, cooking and I wanted a place where we all could even talk about cosmetics, perfume and "Gasp!" sex  something that I find is strangely appealing on how much more open the French are about sex.  LOL   I find even Canadian more open about sex in general that in the States, where I'm originally from.  

However I digress and I hope you will stop by this blog for some inspiration, laughs and good times.

Beaucoup D'amour!
(Much Love)

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