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Thursday, September 13, 2012

September Issue

If there is anytime to buy a fashion magazine September is it. This is the month where they all publish those thick novel like volumes full of Fall & Winter trends. 

I was unable to get my hands on an issue of Vogue Paris but I did grab InStyle, LouLou (Canadian Publication) and Marie Claire.  I did manage to miss September Vogue U.S. which made me a bit sad

The trends I'm seeing:

  • Equestrian, not just for the horsey crowd anymore
  • Lots of geometric prints
  • A sort of Goth revival? 
  • Bold Pop Colours
For me I may use one more more of this seasons trend but if I do I wont spend a lot of $$ on it, maybe a scarf or a pair of inexpensive ballet flats.

Have you checked out the seasons trends yet? What do you think? Will you invest in any key pieces?

  Beaucoup D'amour

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Blazer

What I love about the blazer is that is can be dressed up or down.  According to some stylist women stole the blazer idea from the guys and I think we rock it much better too :)

On my wishlist for this year is two blazers: One in black

Gap Blazer-Goes up to size 20

Torrid Ponte Ruched Blazer 

And one in Gray

Gap Ponte Academy Blazer- Goes up to 20
Torrid Ruffled Miltary Jacket -Only available now is sizes 1 & 4:(
Blazers looked good over with a suit, obviously but also with paired with skinny jeans and boots or ballet flats or even with Khaki pants.

This is a item that should be a part of every woman's core wardrobe!!!

Beaucoup D'amour

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What is your morning routine?

Do you wear cosmetics or are you blessed with skin that doesn't require it?

I personally have a love/hate relationship with make-up. I love how it can hide the redness on my face ( I have Rosacea) and I love to play with eye shadows but I hate how it makes my face feel (sometimes itchy) and in summers it feels like its melting off.  I do love mascara as i have skimpy eyelashes.

French women from what I have read wear cosmetics but just the minimum for the most part.  Something I like because of a favorite word of mine "minimum" They do spend a lot on treatments, spas, and skincare procedure so maybe that is the "secret"  I think next month I'm treating myself to a full face spa day and see if it works for me. Lucky for them though that most of their treatments are covered in their employment benefits. 

For work I want to keep my morning routine as basic as possible so I'm thinking of getting this treatment for my redness from Clinique (picture links to Clinique Site)

I'm hoping the Clinique will reduce the redness enough that I dont have to worry about wearing a foundation and powder everyday.

After that then lots and lots of mascara and a touch of either liptint or lipstick ..This is the MAC Lipstick I'm currently lusting to get

MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo
This is apparently a great red for most, if not all, skin tones.  I'll be picking it up on the weekend so I'll for sure do a follow-up post with a review.

Beaucoup D'amour

Mea Culpa

I apologize that I didn't get a post out yesterday. There will be one later today and I'm going to have one ready for tomorrow also :)  

Beaucoup D'amour

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Eiffel Tower

A major symbol of Paris, so much so, that I doubt anyone not familiar with all things Français would fail to recognize this towering structure
But how about jazzing up your home with some decorative towers to express your passion for all things Paris

I found many of these items at various decor stores around my city of Edmonton, Alberta.  Some were at Micheal's Craft store, some were at Home Sense, like the Giclee Couture Prints and a few were at Pier 1 Imports.  The most expensive was the cube end table chest at $99.00 Canadian. 

Now I'm not suggesting you run out and buy up everything you can as then you run into your home looking clutter-ish but a few well placed items will make your home more oh la la

For myself I'm picking up a couple of the clear glass Eiffel bottles and the Chanel Giclee (J'adore Coco).

Beaucoup D'amour
(Much Love)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Starting September 9th, 2012

I like to keep a daily topic schedule as it helps me to organize my thought process better and this way I can have a folder on my desktop for each day.  Here is the breakdown of how the blog will hopefully flow starting Sunday:

Sunday: Cozy - Home interiors, decorating, vintage home finds, etc.
Monday: Musings (Free for all topic day)
Tuesday: All things beauty related, from cosmetics to waxing
Wednesday: Wardrobe (Building a capsule/core wardrobe no matter what your size or budget is
Thursday: Books & Films
Friday: French Finds
Saturday - Relax (De-stress related)

Beaucoup D'amour
(Much Love)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Welcome to my new fashion, culinary and fun blog.  I've been inspired lately by the French woman's way of life so I'm hoping to explore more in the way of clothing, life, food and everything else in between.

Why Je Ne Sais Quoi?

Well, online dictionary's say that the phrase means the following:


" something that cannot be adequately described or expressed" 

Well while it may not be able to be adequately expressed I'm sure doing to do my best to try and find it!!! 

That being said I love LOVE clothes, cooking and I wanted a place where we all could even talk about cosmetics, perfume and "Gasp!" sex  something that I find is strangely appealing on how much more open the French are about sex.  LOL   I find even Canadian more open about sex in general that in the States, where I'm originally from.  

However I digress and I hope you will stop by this blog for some inspiration, laughs and good times.

Beaucoup D'amour!
(Much Love)